Terms and Conditions


  1. Purchasing one copy of a drum chart authorises you to download the drum chart once, and use the drum chart with one person (or family members within a household).
  2. If you wish to you use a drum chart with more than one person (eg. all your church drummers, drum students, or drummers at your school), please purchase the number of copies to match the number of people that will use it. Alternatively, please ask everyone to buy their own copy from this website, WorshipHits.com.


  1. There is copyright in the arrangements and transcriptions on WorshipHits.com. Please do not copy, redistribute, or sell any content from this website.
  2. Do not upload the WorshipHits.com drum charts to any website that will enable others to access them.
  3. You are very welcome to use these drum charts to make videos of yourself playing. References to WorshipHits.com is permitted.


  1. When you purchase a song, an account will be created for you. When you are logged in, you will be able to see the songs you have purchased and redownload the drum charts.
  2. You can also download the drum charts from the website link immediately after purchase or from an email that you will be sent.
  3. Currently, you are able to redownload the songs an indefinite amount of times, in case you lose it. However, you are encouraged to save a copy to your own computer in case at some point, the ability to redownload a copy from WorshipHits.com ceases.
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