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What to hit for Worship Hits - Worship Drum Charts

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Please enjoy checking out our Praise and Worship Drum Charts, also known as drum sheet music, drum scores, or drum transcriptions. These drum charts will help you know What to Hit for Worship Hits.

Our passion is to make Christian Praise and Worship Hits accessible to beginner and pro drummers, enabling them (or you!) to learn through uplifting and God centred songs, and be equipped to serve confidently in a local church.

It is our prayer that the charts will be a blessing to you and God’s people.


Please read these reviews to see how these charts have helped people to grow in their musical skills, but also serve their local church and praise God.

“My son uses the drum charts (along with his drum teacher) and he was able to progress incredibly well from the beginner charts to the medium charts and now to the pro charts.

Through these charts he has been able to serve in his church from a very young age and has grown to love using his gifts to serve and bless the church.”

– Sarah (mum)

“ is so good!

I send all my drummers to to get the charts for Sunday. Because of the different levels (or difficulties) of the charts, the songs are accessible to anyone, and the songs sound great and uplifting when we come to Praise God on Sunday!”

– Chris (Worship Leader)

“I am so thankful to for these charts! I have used them with many of my students to help them become better drummers and musicians.

It’s such a blessing to help students learn through Christian music and be able to serve God in their churches.”

– Steve (Drum Teacher)

“I have always loved playing drums, but I never thought I could play at church … until I discovered I was able to get drum charts that were at my level but still sounded great and like the song.”

– Jess (Beginner church drummer)

“I’m a pretty competent drummer, but I live a very busy life so I don’t have time to work out the drums myself. I love that I can grab a pro drum chart for Sunday with all the beats and fills written out ready to go!”

– Andrew (Church drummer)
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